Project Košice Interface 2013

In September 2008, the city of Košice, as the first in Slovakia, was awarded the prestige title of European Capital of Culture with its Interface project.

The project team prepared the basic project outline between 2009 – 2011. They prepared the structure and many cultural activities. The team gradually contributed to the city opening up to the project and for the project having an open dialogue with the city. The project started to cooperate with all interested groups which could contribute towards the success of the project – the transformation of the cultural, social and economic environment characterised by creativity, new ideas and projects, as well as greater and deeper interest from the public in culture and art.

We support creativity – this is the main message of the project and the new vision for Košice, a city which has always been known for its rich history and developed heavy industry. Thanks to the Interface project and the European Capital of Culture 2013 title, the city shall also become the centre of creativity and a new future for young, creative people who wish to live and work in our city, which is their home.

Austrian-Hungarian history and post-socialist reality, original multi-cultural identity and a position as the second largest Slovak city, the metropolis of the Carpathian region and, at the same time, a city on the Schengen border. The project has the ambition to use this ‚border’ position for creating a metaphoric ’gateway’ to Eastern Europe. The basis of the Interface project is a cultural and artistic programme able to create a platform for new communication in the European cultural area, bringing a lot of innovative ideas and projects. It will provide the necessary European dimension to events, prospective links and cultural exchanges, mutually enriching the relationship between Košice and Europe.