British Express opens the visual scene of the British Isles

IMG_0927 kopírovatThe exhibition project British Express/Britský expres, one of the key and final projects of ECOC this year, brings a sample of contemporary visual art in the form of the works of 25 authors and presents the influence of strong pop-art lessons and the personality of Andy Warhol on the contemporary British art scene on several levels.
This is particularly about the modern presentation of pop icons and celebrities (Gavin Turk, Clare Strand), the rendering of commercial urban environment and consumerism (Martin Parr, Julian Opie , David Mach), but it also provides an ironic and critical look at this sphere (Jake and Dinos Chapmanovci , David Mach , Harison and Wood) or conceptual approaches (Damien Hirst, Simon Patterson , Mona Hatoum).
It’s also about a shift in the media – promotion and widespread use of screen printing techniques (Gavin Turk, Damien Hirst), presentations of ordinary, banal objects (Liam Gillick Gery Webb, Tony Cragg ), or the use of non-stylized photography, film footage and documentaries (Douglas Gordon, Gillian Wearing, Rachel Whiteread).
2013_11_14_British_Express_Vernisaz_Foto_T_Bachura_39“The exhibition gives a unique opportunity not only to residents of Košice, but to the whole Slovak public, to get familiar directly with the strong visual scene in the British Isles, and brings a whole list of top names from the international scene and introduces us to the important collecting role of institutions such as the British Council,” said curator Vladimír Beskid.
The general public can, from 14 November 2013 to 26 January 2014 in the Kunsthalle/Hall of Art in Košice, find contemporary, highly sought-after British art, which is characterized by a diversity of forms created as works of authorship in a relaxed style, and equally by the challenge the prejudices and destructive limits of the human understanding of art and culture. There is a selection of implementations of working with media, pictures, video and spatial installations.
The accompanying event to British Express is the performance of DJ MY NU LENG- from Bristol in England with the support of Slovak DJ Stroon and DJ Inso in the Barracks/Kulturpark the same day at 9pm.
2013_11_14_British_Express_Vernisaz_Foto_T_Bachura_9The representative exhibition spaces at the Kunsthalle/Hall of Art will be filled with the masterpieces by the following important authors for the next two and a half months: MAT COLLISHAW, JAKE and DINOS CHAPMAN, TONY CRAGG, RICHARD DEACON, ANGUS FAIRHURST, LIAM GILLICK, DOUGLAS GORDON, ANTONY GORMLEY, MONA HATOUM, MARCUS HAYDOCK, TIM HEAD, DAMIEN HIRST, KAREN KNORR, DAVID MACH, RON O´DONNEL, JULIAN OPIE, MARTIN PARR, SIMON PATTERSON, MARK POWER, CLARE STRAND, GAVIN TURK, GILLIAN WEARING, GERY WEBB, RACHEL WHITEREAD, WOOD and HARRISON.

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