Jakubisko to show the artwork worth 700 000 CZK

For the next few days, Košice will live with Jakubisko, a native of the nearby Koyšov. This ECOC’s key figure will be introduced through his films as well as through his fine arts.


On 23rd – 30th March, Košice holds the film festival Jakubiskove dni (Jakubisko’s Days). Within the festival, Juraj Jakubisko is be presented also as a painter with his 30 works. The selling exhibition includes a series of serigraphs, original movie posters and oil paintings, including some worth 700 000 CZK.


“It is a unique opportunity for the Košice cultural community to see Jakubisko as a painter showing the full potential of creativity of the fragile and poetic world,” says Vladimír Beskid, art director of Košice 2013 and curator of the exhibition. They intend to introduce the artist as a comprehensive personality – as a famous film director and also a man who is a proficient painter and writer.


Historical epic film Bathory, the most expensive film project in Central Europe, opens the cinema section of the festival on 24th March 2013 at 18:00 at the Ster Century Cinemas. “Jakubisko is one of the four key figures of the European Capital of Culture, therefore we dedicated to him the entire film festival that is held in Košice as well as in other cities of the region,” says V. Beskid.


On Monday, cinema lovers can enjoy a lecture by Juraj Jakubisko on “The future of filmmaking art”. His films have won dozens of awards and are screened throughout the week.


Visitors can admire his works of art until 12th April. The festival continues from 1st to 7th April in Prešov, Bardejov, Levoča, Spišská Nová Ves, and Humenné.    

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