Kosice 2013 European Capital of Culture is amazed by GuoGuang Opera Company from Taiwan


On Sunday, June 23 2013 evening a crowd started to flow into the State Theatre in Košice. Everybody was eager to see a unique musical performance presented by the GuoGuang Opera Company from Taiwan in Košice this year as a part of their European tour. After successful performances in Poland, Hungary and Denmark, also Slovak people had the chance to see, for the first time ever, the unusual performance of traditional art from far Asia – the Monkey King.
The Monkey King opera presented by the Taiwanese ensemble filled the whole theatre. Elaborate make-up and colorful costumes, breathtaking acrobatics, martial arts and exotic music and singing have earned unceasing applause from the audience of Košice theatre at the end of the performance. Enthusiastic theatre-goers were talking in the theatre foyer for a long time after the show: “It was one of the most amazing performances I have seen in my life; great show, I am very glad I could be here; I’ve never seen anything similar before.” Also several members of the Slovak parliament, officials from the Košice region and foreign guests didn’t miss this spectacular performance.
“I am very glad that our art is well received in Slovakia, people really enjoyed it. I am happy that our national opera could present itself as a part of the European Capital of Culture 2013 and give local audience a unique opportunity to see this great performance which was presented in several continents so far,” said the Head of Taipei Representative Office, Bratislava Nan-Yang Lee.
GuoGuang Opera Company, established in 1995 in Taiwan, preserves the traditional Chinese drama for almost 20 years and presents it to the audience home and abroad. In addition to classical plays, their repertoire also includes new plays inspired by current social development, literature, history and folk legends.

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