The exhibition – Petra Římalová: Príbehy kasární

Petra Římalová is a Czech artists working primarily with video, 3D modulation and animation. She came to Košice at the beginning of September as part of our artist in residence cooperation with Pilsen 2015.

In the last two months Petra has been working on a topic of genius loci of Kasarne. She tries to capture the historical dimension of the place through conversations with witnesses of the time Kasarne was military barracks and through researching various documents.

Petra’s work is not documentary or reality capturing videos, more it is a personal statement expressing to a great extent the artist’s subjective perception of the place and its atmosphere. Even though the images might seem quite realistic, be sure there is a substantial portion of imagination and reality alteration.

The exhibition will be open at Kasarne/Kultrpark, Bravo building on Thursday the 24th of October at 18:00 and will be open until Sunday the 27th from 16:00 until 18:00.

This residency is made possible thanks to generous support of Czech Centre in Bratislava.



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