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Creative economy

Creative economy is joining almost controversial – economics/industry – with art.


SPOTs project

The transformation of unused exchanger stations into community centres and cultural points.


The aim of the reconstruction is to transform the indoor pool into a multi-functional centre – Kunsthalle.


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Residential stays of K.A.I.R. artists

Are designed for foreign artists who wish to cooperate with Košice artists and the local public and vice versa.


Cultural cooperation between historic towns in Eastern Slovakia: Košice, Prešov, Levoča, Sabinov and Bardejov.

Terra Incognita

A programme initiated by the regional municipality to support culture and the development of tourism.


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Former army storage is tranforming into the stage for the Laboratory of Living Culture programme line.

Destination Košice

Also called Creative Tourism as part of cultural tourism, which emphasises the development of “creative cities”.

Travelling City

Should promote the city and the region on the European cultural map.