Sládek’s pantomime touched to tears

Milan Sládek’s rendition of the Stations of the Cross made many viewers cry. His unique performance attracted even non-believers to the St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral. People were leaving with a brilliant experience and emotion. The world-famous mime enjoyed the rest of the evening in the company of Juraj Jakubisko.


The most famous mime in Slovakia brought Košice and Prešov to tears with his three performances. The St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral applauded to him on Saturday. “I am pleased that I can convey the emotion of the given situation, that it is not just like any other performance. There is a piece of humanity, tragedy of man,” said Sládek about the fourteen stations that tell us about the last moments of Jesus. Biblical images of suffering were verbally commented by presenter Štefan Bučko, who has collaborated with the most famous mime for 23 years. “Many clergymen initially did not know what to expect from that, some even thought it was demeaning,” recalls Bučko about the performance of the Stations of the Cross.

Milan Sladek_autor Veronika Cholewova (10)

While the audience were frozen to the bone, Milan Sládek performed, within the cold walls of the St. Elisabeth’s Cathedral, wearing but a short T-shirt and a few layers of socks. “I felt cold, but I am never cold while moving on the stage.” His pantomime rendition of the Stations of the Cross was already successful last year, but this was his first show in the East. “For two or three months, I have dealt only with music,” says the mime about preparation. He had spent so much time developing it because he finds the preparation crucial for the audience’s understanding of the performance. “Also important is the move, it must be understandable so that people can believe me,” he said.

After the very first three performances of the Stations of the Cross Sládek said that he would not play it anymore. His native village near Púchov convinced him otherwise. “These were people who had never been at the theatre, and they understood the Stations of the Cross.” Their reactions were very nice, so he decided he would keep playing the piece.

Sládek is a role model for the younger generation of the oldest performing art form. “I am delighted when I inspire people, when they consider me their teacher, but I love originality as well.”

After the performance, Milan Sládek enjoyed dinner with his former classmate Juraj Jakubisko. He spent a short time in Košice till Sunday. His will continue performing in Germany until Good Friday.

 Veronika Cholewová

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