Kasárne Kulturpark

Revitalisation of a large area, the establishment of a new creative, educational and relaxing quarter of Košice, close to the historic core of the city.

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Space for creation

The aim of the multi-genre cultural centre is to provide space for the creation and presentation of elements of the highest quality from contemporary culture and art in the area of music, visual arts, literature, film, theatre and dance. This will be a new model of cultural institutions in the city, new art-social space for mutual interconnection of visitors and progressive trends in the area of art and creativity.

Creative factory

The new multimedia and interactive centre of the Creative Factory will be established in the building of City Exhibition Areas in cooperation with several partners from Coalition 2013+. This project is the result of active cooperation between three institutions – the University of P. J. Šafárik, the Slovak Academy of Science and the Technical University, which is unique in establishing a Faculty of Arts next to its technical faculties. The sponsor of the exhibition which demonstrates steel production via interactive exhibits, is the metallurgical company, U.S. Steel Košice – the largest steel producer in Central Europe. Based upon the expert knowledge of academics and the creative team from the Faculty of Arts, the unusual exhibition will be created which will draw visitors, mainly children over 7 years, into a factory environment where they can live the ”story of steel”, presented in a creative way from mining raw materials, through feeding the scrap into the molten converter, sheet rolling to the final product – cars. The exhibition offers visitors the chance for interactive play with the exhibits – operating an electromagnetic crane, operating a forklift platform or constructing a car on the production line using 3D technology.

Creativity support

The aim of the Kasárne/Culture Park centre will also include the support of companies, organisations, civil associations and artistic groups involved in various types of creative activities, in order to create area concentration and resulting synergy. With its nature, it should serve as support for small and medium businesses in the creative sector. It will also provide space for subjects focusing upon educational activities in the creative industry, contemporary art and new media.

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Three centers of creative quarter:

[acc title=”A centre for the support of culture and creativity”]shall become the central point, focusing upon supporting budding artists and their cooperation with local and foreign professionals[/acc]
[acc title=”A cultural centre”]s a place for presenting contemporary art by domestic and foreign artists, which will consist of several presentation areas, ateliers and creative studios[/acc]
[acc title=”City exhibition areas”]may be use for various purposes depending upon the needs of the area and the city. The centre for the support of culture and creativity may provide residents and those interested with cooperation in creating and preparing cultural products, encourage interdepartmental cooperation and create space for artistic and creative stays for local and foreign applicants. The areas of the central Kasárne/Kulturpark building will be used for organising traditional as well as innovative cultural events. The House of Authentic Culture will carry out field research, digitalisation and archiving of the material collected and, at the same time, they will create dance houses and dance schools for the wide public.[/acc]

Selected events in Kasárne/Kulturpark:

  • Summer in the Park,
  • Triennial of Contemporary Art,
  • Convergences Festival,
  • New Dance Days.