Residential stays of K.A.I.R artists

Residential stays of K.A.I.R artists

The international residential programme, K.A.I.R. is designed for foreign artists who wish to work and cooperate with Košice artists and vice versa.

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Supporting the mobility of art

Košice artists can participate in foreign residential stays in some partner countries. It is an important moment in supporting the mobility of artists and ideas, and at the same time, for the co-creation of European cultural space via cultural exchanges and cooperation.

K.A.I.R. organises exchanges between artists with partners in several countries such as Ukraine, Moldova, France and Germany. Artists also hold lectures, projections, seminars and they open ateliers for the public. A final exhibition/ presentation usually presents the resident’s work.

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Main project aims:

[acc title=”Support mobility”]to support the mobility and creativity of invited and delegated artists, to deepen the knowledge of Slovak culture and the local environment, as seen through different eyes[/acc]
[acc title=”Stimulate the art scene”]to stimulate the art scene in Košice, in the region and in Slovakia as well as to stimulate dialogue with the public[/acc]
[acc title=”Create the environment”]to create/strengthen the environment for innovative and current art projects with international partners[/acc]
[acc title=”Cooperating with partners”]to focus upon cooperating with partners in the Visegrad region, with countries neighbouring the eastern EU border and with Western Europe[/acc]

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International partners:
  • Visegrad Fund/
  • Visegrad Residential Programme for Artists,
  • Robert Bosch Foundation, Halle 14, Bethanien,
  • RUHR 2010,
  • Goethe Institute Bratislava,
  • Marseille-Provence 2013,
  • Association of Young Artists,
  • Oberliht Chisinau,
  • Charkov City Art Gallery, Charkov,
  • A.I.R. laboratory Warsaw,
  • Meetfactory Prague, etc.