SPOTs project


The transformation of exchanger stations into community centres and cultural points the SPOT s project is considered as progressive in community development

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The main aim

This is part of the transformation process of the project – the old, redundant infrastructure of heat exchanger stations will become new cultural hotspots which will actively provide ”distribution” of culture from the centre to the suburbs. The exchanger stations – peripheral Cultural Points – will become areas which respond to the specific needs of groups of citizens and city parts, in order to support community development and implement arts projects in communities.
The main aim of the SPOT s project is decentralisation of culture from the city centre to its peripheral and residential parts, revitalisation of the suburbs and the direction participation of inhabitants in cultural events during European Capital of Culture 2013 and beyond.

The main activities

Within the SPOT s programme, the following activities and projects will mainly be implemented: Festivals – Use the City – City full of Art and Diversity, Suburban Parade, Journey to the Unknown, Eastern Minute, Kinobus etc. The prepared activities which will be organised in individual exchanger stations in 2013 will also include the following regular forms of events: exchanger station workshops (workshops by citizens and local NGOs), creative communities (thematic creative workshops and education in arts), artistic residence projects, PULZ (SPOT s project community newspaper), Science Cafes (a presentation by invited experts in the informal atmosphere of exchanger stations in order to popularise scientific, technical, artistic and community themes).

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The SPOTs project supports:

[acc title=”Community development”]and public participation, including building and supporting formal and informal groups of citizens, their participation in the development of their own community and public matters[/acc]
[acc title=”Innovative projects”]in the area of social and community art with the aim of implementing arts projects in various communities, supporting creative cooperation between artists and citizens, institutions, and community and social workers[/acc]
[acc title=”The creation of public areas”]and refurbishment of publicareas such as underpasses, parks, playgrounds, places where suburban inhabitants naturally meet, the reconstruction of exchanger stations and modification of their surroundings[/acc]
[acc title=”Development of volunteering”]information, education and the development of volunteering, with the aim of building a volunteer platform, creating conditions for an inter-cultural exchange of experience, educating cultural operators and institutions.[/acc]