A concert by the Jana Bezek Trio was rewarded by multiple applause

Late afternoon on Saturday, the Puppet Theatre in Košice was completely full. Several events with the aim of strengthening the Polish-Slovak cultural relationship took place there. Cooperation with our northern neighbour in the musical field was also represented by the Jana Bezek jazz Trio.

Jana Bezek is Slovak and she is studying at the Academyof Musicin Krakow. This is where her cooperation with her musical classmates started. They now perform as a group. “I’m very glad that my Polish classmates can perform with me here,” said the smiling leader.

The Jana Bezek Trio has been together since 2010, with Wojciech Szwugier on double bass and Piotr Skrzynski on drums. In the chamber environment, the audience had the chance to listen to more than ten jazz pieces, “which were very strong, mainly as they proceeded,”the trio were evaluated by Ján (32), a member of the audience. The mainly older audience were fans of jazz and already had experience of this quality music. Musicians gave a performance rewarded by great applause which was heard several times during solos in the songs. “I appreciate strengthening the relationship with people from Poland, it brings a real artistic experience,” said Michal (60), pensioner.

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