Cultural Manager for K.A.I.R. – Košice Artist in Residence

Job title: Cultural Manager

Organisation name: Kosice 2013 – European capital of culture (
Location: Kosice, Slovakia
Salary: 780 € per month (pre-tax)
Conditions: Full time

Job Description and Person Specification

In the frame of European Capital of Culture we, the NGO Kosice 2013, developed an international artist – in residency – programme for emerging artists from all over the world. We invite international artists for residencies to Kosice to realize art projects, collaborate with the local culture scene and present themselves to the public. Furthermore, we send East Slovakian based artists abroad for residencies to our partner organisations in Germany, France, Ukraine and Moldova. The resident artists are selected by recommendations of local or international experts or through an international jury based on open calls. According to our main goals, we introduce every artist to the social environment of the city and help them to build up networks and collaborations. We organise public events like lectures, projections, workshops and open studios. A final project like exhibition finishes each residency.
We are searching for a cultural manager with a significant level of experiences in residency programmes or similar cultural activities. The further residency manager should:

  • be passionate, open-minded and flexible to take care for the resident artists, to introduce them to the local surrounding and to help them to resolve daily problems,
  • be innovative and creative to work with the established residency concept as well as improve, develop and expand the programme for the year of capital of culture and beyond,
  • be skilled to calculate and control the residency budget and to apply for international grants and raise
  • funds on European level,
  • be interested and communicative as well as assertive to collaborate and negotiate with local and international artists, culture organisations and stakeholders,
  • well organized and several years experienced to prepare, coordinate and control cultural events like exhibitions, lectures, presentations, workshops etc,
  • have expert knowledge and operating experiences in international culture exchange to keep, expand and improve the transnational networks of the residency,
  • be team-orientated to work with and as part of the Kosice 2013 team and be patient and well structured to deal with the public administration system,
  • speak and write fluently English to communicate on international level and to write press releases, grant applications, articles, exhibition texts etc.


Please send until the 10th of March 2012 your full application (without photo) as PDF file to the K.A.I.R. management: Ludwig Henne – Don´t hesitate to contact us for further questions. Following application material should be provided:

  • Curriculum Vitae – short CV including your name, address, phone, email along with educational background, working skills and experiences
  • Letter of motivation – briefly describe your motivation to work for K.A.I.R. / Kosice 2013

We look forward to receiving your application!

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