Dátum a čas:
Thursday - 18. 07. 2013 - Monday - 22. 07. 2013 - Celodenná akcia

The second year of the Festival of Jewish Culture, MAZAL TOV!, will again bring a colourful choice of rich Jewish cultural heritage to Košice. The main part of the festival will be an artistic programme. Concerts will include music of various genres: klezmer, jazz, classical and electronic music. The people of Košice can look forward to performances by world renowned artists: Avishai Cohen Quintet, David Krakauer‘s Klezmer Madness, Budapest Klezmer Band, a concert by the main Viennese cantor Shmuel Barzilai, as well as domestic musical guests. From them all, let us at least mention Michal Paľko, or the only Košice klezmer ensemble, the Kaschauer Klezmer Band. The festival programme will also include evenings with film and literature, workshops supervised by experienced artists, lectures about culture, art and the life of Jews, tasting traditional dishes and popular sightseeing of the Jewish architecture of Košice and Prešov. The festival is not only for the Jewish community, but also for the wide public, proven by the colourful programme content.

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