Sándor Márai

Dátum a čas:
Tuesday - 01. 10. 2013 - Celodenná akcia

Miesto konania:
Štátne divadlo Košice

Place: Košice State Theatre

A unique piece which will promote the idea of Košice as an ECOC for a long time and also the name of Košice-born Sándor Márai. The project is compiled in
such a way that its individual elements – artistic, musical and literary – will also be presented individually. Sándor Márai is definitely the most well known Košice-born person in the world. Despite that, in the cultural area of the city and Slovakia he is still fairly unknown and a little cited persona. The works of Sándor Márai carry strong biographical features. The city of his childhood – Košice – plays such an important role in his works and is illustrated with such mastery that during his visit to Košice, Otto von Habsburg said that he knows the city perfectly thanks to Sándor Márai‘s books. Despite his fundamental
link with his birth city, Márai was a globetrotter, living and working in several European and overseas countries. The project involves Košice State Theatre Ballet, Košice State Theatre Opera Choir, Košice State Philharmonic, artists such as Michael Kocáb, Ondrej Šoth, Vladimír Godár, Peter Kováč, Milan Čorba, Peter Weigl, Jozef Ciller and Zuzka Mistriková.

Organiser: Slavonic Dance Theatre Civic Association
Partners: Košice State Theatre, State Philharmonic, Košice 2013, n. o., Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic

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